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  • Wow! Who turned on the time machine. Many great nights at Frog Pond, Terry's, Old College, the Sigma Chi house or wherever Dirk & Tony were playing.  Good fun, Great music!! Still love seeing Dirk around A town.  Fred L.  8/5/10

  • Wow, what a great "blast from the past" to hear "Lost Between Two Worlds"! Saw Tony here in Columbia TN last summer and Dirk will always be a brother to me!
    Peggy J.  2/13/10

  • Dirk & Tony are so fabulous! I remember them at the Holiday Inn and also at Terry's. These two great songs were prominently featured on every jukebox on fraternity row (and I still treasure my 45!)Thanks, guys! J.R.   8/11/09

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       well and miss them. Anybody
       remember the front and back? It
       was a Tony invented dance.
Hope H F - 7/11/09

  • You (Dirk and Tony) are one of my fondest memories of UGA!!!!!  My best friend and I STILL sing, "Silly Little Girl" when we are on road trips together!  Deb Mc.  6/23/09

  • That really was a blast from the past!  The last time I saw Dirk and Tony perform was at Jon Tuck’s graduation party in the mid seventies.  What a party!  Love the photo.  And we all thought we looked so cute back then – foolish folks!  Thanks for the memory.  Leslie  P. 3/20/09

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  :) I keep getting a flash back of a
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  I remember slow dancing with
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  almost see the room (someone's
  basement/ rumpus room) and I
  know the guy had on a sweater but I
  can't quite see the
  face.  I'll keep you posted.  Anyway -
  thanks for playing it for me.  
  Take care.    B.  -  4/25/2008

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  That song always seem to bring on
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About The Artists
A big part of the scene in the 1970's was the popular duo "Dirk and Tony". Dirk Howell and Tony Brown were both students at the University of Georgia's business school. Dirk was studying finance and Tony was studying personnel management. They began singing together in 1973 and soon became a favorite of both the university students and the permanent residents of Athens. Their fun style of "Beach music" was a perfect fit for fraternity and sorority parties, and they played for every house on campus. They also could be found singing in several clubs in Athens. The
first club they played was the
Acropolis Lounge at the Holiday Inn. Word spread quickly about the duo and the Acropolis Lounge was packed every night they appeared. So packed, the Holiday Inn built a larger venue, the Inn Place, to accommodate their fans. As their popularity grew, they began to write some of their own material and recorded a couple of songs, "Lost Between Two Worlds" and "Just To Know", that got air play on the local radio stations in the North Georgia area, including WRFC in Athens. They also recorded another record in Columbia, SC that included the "Beach music" hits, "I Dig You Baby" and "Sitting in the Park". "Dirk and Tony" also performed for many high profile private functions throughout the 70's. They were even asked to play a private party at the home of Vince Dooley, head football coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. They continued to play parties and clubs in Athens, Atlanta and other cities. It was once noted in the Daytona Beach newspaper that "Dirk and Tony" drew 10,000 students to a beachside concert during spring break of 1975. In 1976, they decided to go their separate ways. Dirk finished his degree in Finance with honors at UGA. He still resides in Athens and travels extensively with his band, "The Dirk Howell Band", performing for corporate events, festivals, fundraisers and wedding receptions throughout the southeast. Just recently, The Georgia Music Hall of Fame, in Macon, constructed a display of Dirk's musical past, including the guitar, suit, and recordings from the "Dirk and Tony" years. Tony relocated to Nashville in 1982 and began his successful country music recording career as "T. Graham Brown". He has recorded over ten "top ten" country songs, including several #1s. He has a CMA award and a long list of national radio and TV ads to his credit.

“Apparently no one ever told Dirk Howell that you can’t please all of the people all of the time!”
Dirk Howell is the kind of magnetic singer that people just can’t seem to categorize. They love his voice. They love the way he entertains…they love him and have for years. He possess a unique style, one derived from his fluid, rangy and powerful voice - one with just enough grit mixed in. Born in Rochester, PA, Howell moved to Athens, GA with his family at the age of 3. Singing together as a family was a practice in the Howell household and an appreciation for music developed early. At the age of 11, Howell acquired his first guitar and immediately began performing for school functions as a soloist and as a member of local dance bands. Howell’s earliest influences came from such legendary soulmen as Sam Cooke, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler. The soul sounds of Motown and Philadelphia held an attraction for him that is still evident today in his singing style. While attending the University of Georgia, he became close friends with former high school classmate, Tony Brown. Subsequently, the singing partnership of “Dirk & Tony” was formed. The duo performed to packed houses in Athens and drew such large crowds that the Holiday Inn was forced to enlarge the lounge in order to accommodate their legions of fans. After years of success together, the duo parted ways amicably to pursue their respective interests.  Brown headed to Nashville in search of country music stardom and is now known as T. Graham Brown.

T. Graham Brown rose to country stardom through the uniquely Southern phenomenon of beach music, a party-ready mix of old-time rock & roll, R&B, country, and blues. Born in Arabi, GA (his real first name is Anthony), he got his start performing while attending the University of Georgia, as part of the beach-music duo Dirk & Tony. He then joined the outlaw country band Reo Diamond, and retooled his image as a hairy, tattooed wildman in a ten-gallon hat. Moving on in 1979, Brown formed his own R&B band, Rack of Spam, and officially settled on T. Graham Brown as his stage name. He moved to Nashville three years later, where with the help of Harlan Howard he found work singing demos and commercial jingles. In 1983, he signed with CBS as a staff songwriter, and went on to join the Tree International publishing firm in the same capacity. Meanwhile, he also landed a deal as a recording artist with Capitol, and released his debut album, I Tell It Like It Used to Be, in 1986. Partly recorded at Alabama's legendary Muscle Shoals studios, the record spawned a number one country single in "Hell or High Water," and both the title track and "I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again" went Top Ten. 1987's Brilliant Conversationalist gave Brown a second number one in "Don't Go to Strangers," and two more Top Tens with "She Couldn't Love Me Anymore" and the title cut. Meanwhile, he made appearances in the 1987 films Greased Lightning and Cursed, and the following year he and his backing group, the Hardtops, played Elvis' band in Heartbreak Hotel. 1988's Come as You Were continued Brown's success with the chart-topping "Darlene" and two further Top Tens in the title track and "The Last Resort." He managed one further Top Ten country hit in 1990's "If You Could Only See Me Now," and also dueted with Tanya Tucker on the hit "Don't Go Out" that year. He returned in 1998 with the acclaimed comeback effort Wine into Water, which reaffirmed his roots rock leanings and marked his most personal effort to date. The concert album T. Graham Brown Lives! appeared in 2001. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Dirk Howell is now the manager, guitar player and lead singer for the highly successful group known as The Dirk Howell Band, which performs regularly throughout the Southeastern U. S.   
In 1973, while a student at the University of Georgia, Dirk formed a popular duo with T. Graham Brown called “Dirk and Tony” that quickly became an overnight success with the UGA students and the local Athens crowd.  For the next 25 years, Dirk would perform an unprecedented 5 to 6 nights each week in the local hotel nightclubs... ten of those years at the infamous, Frog Pond Lounge.  Dirk has done it all: he’s been a musician, singer, writer, publisher, band manager and talent scout, jump starting and launching the music careers of many.   He has recorded many records over his career including a rhythm and blues album called “Beach Country” for the legendary, Bill Lowery of Southern Tracks Records in Atlanta, who was also responsible for the careers of Billy Joe Royal, Ronnie Milsap, Jerry Reid and the Atlanta Rhythm Section, to name a few.   In the 80s and 90s, Dirk traveled regularly to Nashville, TN and because of his unique soulful style, found himself in high demand as a jingle and demo singer for various Nashville publishers and production companies, working with successful producers and hit makers, Rodney Mills, Norro Wilson, Ron Chancey and others.  On top of all of that, Dirk found time to own and manage a successful nightclub called Thomason’s in Athens, AND work as an entertainment consultant and booking agent for one of the largest talent agencies in the country, East Coast Entertainment.  Most recently, Dirk has been busy in the recording studio working on a new project for Southern Tracks Records and performing with his 7-piece band at various corporate functions, fundraisers and wedding receptions.
For the last 35 years, music has been Dirk’s profession and life.  A while back, the entertainment magazine, Athens Night Life, summed up Dirk’s music career this way, “...he’s definitely the all time king of the Athens entertainment scene.”
Lost Between Two Worlds

There's a girl I know
It seems she's lost in time
I want her so badly
but she's his and can't be mine

I tried everything I can
to get her on my side
She's told me that she loves me
and I hope she hasn't lied

And I'm lost between two worlds
a girl so sweet and kind
Although I want her love so bad
she's his and can't be mine

Someday love will run it's course
she I'll be there to claim
but I hope is doesn't take too long
I'm tiring of this game

It seems that I can't change her plans
It must be my destiny
To have a love that can't be mine
she belongs to him not me

And I'm lost between two worlds
a girl so sweet and kind
Although I want her love so bad
she's his and can't be mine

Someday love will run it's course
and she I’ll be there to claim
but I hope is doesn't take too long
I'm tiring of this game

It seems that I can't change her plans
It must be my destiny
To have a love that can't be mine
she belongs to him not me

And I'm lost between two worlds
a girl so sweet and kind
Although I want her love so bad
she's his and can't be mine

And I'm lost between two worlds
a girl so sweet and kind
Although I want her love so bad
she's his and can't be mine

And I'm lost between two worlds
a girl so sweet and kind
Although I want her love so bad
she's his and can't be mine

And I'm lost between two worlds
a girl so sweet and kind
Although I want her love so bad
she's his and can't be mine

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